Vol. 15 No. 1 (2009): Diversity, identity and the media

Published: 05-02-2020
PJR cover 15(1)May 2009

© Malcolm Evans, 2009
Editor: David Robie

PJR targets Fiji censorship, cross-cultural reporting
Censorship and the assault on human rights and freedom of expression in Fiji are featured in Pacific Journalism Review. The AUT Pacific Media Centre-based publication publishes this week a special article by an "insider" on the military regime's political and social "reforms". The 246-page edition, themed around "Diversity, identity and the media" issues, analyses the junta that dealt an unprecedented "mortal blow" to press freedom in the South Pacific's most crucial country for regional cooperation. The insider article, "Fragments from a Fiji coup diary", concludes that the New Zealand government needs to have "secret contacts" with the Suva regime to help investigate corruption and to help restore the country on the road towards democracy.