Book review Guidelines

 REVIEWS EDITOR:  Dr Philip Cass







Deadline for PJR


Style for book info notes (Please note all this information is needed as an example):

The Global Journalist, author byline. City: Publisher, Year, 227 pp. ISBN 13 digits No Price

Reviews are usually between 500 and a maximum of 1500 words (for a lead review). The review length is set by the Reviews Editor at the time of commissioning.. A section titled Noted has shorter reviews of up to 350 words.

While the reviews should be readable and interesting for a wide range of media subscribers and readers, they should be written with more analytical depth and rigour than is usually the case with news media reviews. Direct block quotes or important points should include a page reference and reference to other titles or related work by the author or other commentators should be added as footnote.

This is an international journal. Target audience is a readership in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand. PJR reviews are often also republished in Asia Pacific Report:

Please send a gif, jpg or tif image of the cover (minimum 5.7cm wide, resolution 300dpi) to accompany the review. The journal’s style is to publish the cover icons.

Check with the website for review publication style:

  • Reviewers receive a complimentary copy of the PJR edition incorporating the review.

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