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The Pacific Journalism Review: Te Koakoa is a peer-reviewed journal examining media issues and communication in the South Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Founded by Professor David Robie in 1994 at the University of Papua New Guinea, it was later published at the University of the South Pacific. PJR was published between 2007 and 2020 by the Pacific Media Centre in the School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology. From 2021 it is being published by Asia Pacific Network in association with Tuwhera Publishing at AUT and the University of the South Pacific Journalism Programme. PJR is a ranked journal with DOAJ, SCOPUS metrics and Web of Science.

Current edition: Pacific crises: COVID, climate emergency and West Papua - 27(1&2) 2021
Next PJR edition 28(1) 2021: Call for 'Media change, adaptation and culture' papers - Deadline February 20, 2022

Cover: A Bougainvillean woman in a still from Ophir, a controversial documentary about the matriarchal society's struggle against mining and for independence. Article by Wendy Bacon and Nicole Gooch.


PJR February 2017 launch


Current Issue

Vol. 27 No. 1 & 2 (2021): Pacific crises: COVID, climate emergency and West Papua
Published: 29-09-2021
PJR 27(1&2) Sept 2021

Editors: Philip Cass and David Robie

This edition of Pacific Journalism Review was originally planned as an unthemed edition. However, a cluster of media papers on COVID-19, climate change and the ongoing human rights crisis in West Papua has led to it being designated as a 'Pacific Crises' edition. The edition also features a Photoessay case study on Pacific refugee migration and Australian 'imperialism'; Frontline on the making of the documentary Ophir and the Bougainville 'silences'; and the 'Watchdogs under Pressure' Special Report is a major study on the state of journalism in the Pacific. Included in the unthemed section are articles on sustaining democratic freedoms in the Pacific, a journalists' 'toolbox' of the Digital-Global Age, mobile phones and the digital divide, urban settlement communication in Papua New Guinea, and hate speech in Indonesia. Ten books and documentaries are examined in the Reviews section.

Editor: Philip Cass
Associate and founding editor: David Robie
Frontline editor: Wendy Bacon
Reviews editor: Nicole Gooch
Assistant editors: Khairiah A. Rahman, Nicole Gooch
Online editor: David Robie
Designer: Del Abcede
Proof reader: Linnéa Eltes
Cover: Del Abcede
Tuwhera OJS online support: Luqman Hayes and Donna Coventry
Print edition: PinkLime

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