Israel’s war on journalism: A Kiwi journalist’s response

  • Jeremy Rose Independent journalist, Whanganui-a-Tara
Keywords: Al Jazeera, civilian casualties, ethnic cleansing, Gaza, genocide, human rights, investigative journalism, Israel, Jewish, killing of journalists, Palestine, war correspondence


Whether it is termed as ‘self-defence’ or ‘mowing the lawn’, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) has common phrases to describe its ongoing attacks on the besieged Palestine enclave of Gaza. The phrases obscure the devastation of death and disaster in the 2023/24 genocidal war on Gaza. While global reports have tended to focus on the horrendous and rapid climb of civilian casualties, especially women and children, Gaza has also claimed the worst ever death rate of journalists, many apparently targeted by the IDF because of their profession. Journalists in this article argue that it is time to ‘call these [Israeli state] terrorists by their true name: enablers of genocide.’


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Author Biography

Jeremy Rose, Independent journalist, Whanganui-a-Tara

Jeremy Rose is a Wellington journalist and sometimes media commentator. He was a founding member of Alternative Jewish Voices.


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