Vol. 29 No. 1 & 2 (2023): Governance, disinformation and training

Published: 31-07-2023
PJR cover 29(1&2)

Edition editors: David Robie and Philip Cass

Pacific Journalism Review's roots are firmly based in the Wansolwara—the Pacific—but this edition truly reflects our global range of interests, with contributions from authors in Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Hawai’i, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. PJR is delighted to bring you a range of global perspectives on the media and journalism and to connect scholars and practitioners, covering everything from conspiracy theories and corruption to newsroom practice, employment, training and much more in between. Although we are separated geographically we all share common interests and common concerns. As this edition of PJR, once again produced under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Media Network, goes out, the world continues to face threats from war, climate change, disease and the resurgence of rightwing regimes. Journalists are faced with far more dangerous working environments and uncertain employment, while academics are faced with closures of departments, cuts to funding and research and an apparent lack of understanding about the value of tertiary education from those who hold the purse strings

Editor: Philip Cass
Associate and founding editor: David Robie
Frontline editor: Wendy Bacon
Assistant editors: Khairiah A. Rahman, Nicole Gooch
Reviews editor: Philip Cass
Online edition editor: David Robie
Designer: Del Abcede
Proof readers: Linnéa Eltes and Heather Devere
Cover design: Del Abcede
Cover photo: Stoen/MACFEST2023
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