Vol. 28 No. 1 & 2 (2022): Media change, adaptation and culture

Published: 28-07-2022
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Edition editors: Philip Cass, Khairiah A. Rahman and David Robie

This edition of Pacific Journalism Review draws on the focus of the Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) conference hosted at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in November 2021. The themed articles 'echo those who cherish freedom of the press and truth'. In what is described as 'an age of growing hate, intolerance and disinformation', the need to hold the line against a 'disinfodemic' of distortion and falsehood is even more vital. The edition also carries a Frontline section of four articles about Aotearoa New Zealand's unprecedented 23-day siege of Parliament by anti-vaccination and conspiracy theorist protesters, including research by The Disinformation Project. The Photoessay features the growing kava culture with a series of evocative images by Todd Henry.

Editor: Philip Cass
Associate and founding editor: David Robie
Frontline editor: Wendy Bacon
Assistant editors: Khairiah A. Rahman, Nicole Gooch
Reviews editors: Philip Cass, Nicole Gooch
Online edition editor: David Robie
Designer: Del Abcede
Proof reader: Linnéa Eltes
Cover design: Del Abcede
Cover photo: Todd Henry
Tuwhera OJS online support: Luqman Hayes and Donna Coventry
Print edition: PinkLime

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