The paradox of two countries called Fiji

Review of Stopover, by Bruce Connew

  • David Robie
Keywords: Fiji history, documentary, migration


This book, Stopover, is a poignant documentary of the lives of the cane families and a story of migration. It is illustrated with some 59 sepiatoned Connew portraits and other studies, seven diaspora snapshots, two grainy Speight television images and a faded image of two unkown men, earlier descendants (c. 1940's) of the girmitiya, 19th century indentured labourers brought to Fiji by the British colonialists to establish the sugar plantations. 


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Robie, D. (2007). The paradox of two countries called Fiji: Review of Stopover, by Bruce Connew. Pacific Journalism Review : Te Koakoa, 13(2), 207-210.

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