SPECIAL REPORT: Causes for concern: The state of New Zealand journalism in 2015

James Hollings, Folker Hanusch, Ravi Balasubramanian, Geoff Lealand


This survey of NZ journalists completed in late 2015 shows the impact of the rapid move to a digital news environment. Journalists are more educated, but working longer hours and feeling more pressure, both ethically and resource-wise, than they were only two years ago. Technological changes are felt acutely, particularly the use of social media and user-generated content. Journalists are concerned that advertising and commercial pressures are stronger, while overall standards are weakening. This study also shows, for the first time, that women are seriously disadvantaged in pay and promotion despite making up the majority of the workforce. Despite these challenges, overall job satisfaction remains at similar levels to previous surveys, and journalists’ own commitment to ethical standards and journalism’s Fourth Estate role remains strong. 


attitudes, employment, ethics, Fourth Estate, gender, journalists, journalism education, New Zealand, survey

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