OBITUARY: Jill Jolliffe: Running for her life

7 February 1945 - 2 December 2022

  • Fiona Gruber Independent Journalist, Melbourne
Keywords: Australia, Balibo, foreign correspondents, Indonesia, journalist killings, journalist safety, media freedom, Obituaries, Portugal, Timor-Leste


Journalist and author Jill Jolliffe’s work took her around the world, including 16 years in Portugal, reporting on corruption and injustices, including the killing of five Australian, British and New Zealand journalists at Balibo on the eve of the Indonesian invasion of Timor-Leste in 1975. Her commitment to East Timorese independence endured over decades. Paying tribute, Timorese leader Xanana Gusmão, said: ‘Jill was an activist, a rebel and a fighter . . .  She is one of us.’


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Author Biography

Fiona Gruber, Independent Journalist, Melbourne

A Melbourne and London-based arts journalist, ABC Radio National contributor, producer and broadcaster, weekend farmer, Europhile, Antipodeanfancier, and an old Asia hand.


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