Vol. 1 No. 1 (1994): The NBC radio gag

Published: 01-11-1994
PJR cover v1(Nov1994)

Cover cartoon: Jada, The Times of Papua New Guinea 1994.
Editor: David Robie

Journalism and related information and mass communication issues have a dearth of outlets in the South Pacific. While the region's news media has developed technically in leaps and bounds in the last decade and journalistic standards have risen, the region's information profile remains much the same. The major newspapers remain dominated by foreign ownership - the newest daily, The National in Papua New Guinea, is Malaysian-owned - and television/radio remains, in spite of the increasing number of privately owned FM broadcasters, in the hands of the state or, in the case of PNG's EMTV, and Australian television network.

Published by the University of Papua New Guinea.