Media skills for daily life: Designing a journalism programme for graduates of all disciplines

  • Lee Duffield


This article in the journalism education field reports on the construction of a new subject as part of a postgraduate coursework degree. The subject, or unit will offer both Journalism students and other students an introductory experience of creating media, using common ‘new media’ tools, with exercises that will model the learning of communication principles through practice. It has been named ‘Fundamental Media Skills for the Workplace’. The conceptualisation and teaching of it will be characteristic of the Journalism academic discipline that uses the ‘inside perspective’—understanding mass media by observing from within. Proposers for the unit within the Journalism discipline have sought to extend the common teaching approach, based on training to produce start-ready recruits for media jobs, backed by a study of contexts, e.g. journalistic ethics, or media audiences. In this proposal, students would then examine the process to elicit additional knowledge about their learning. The article draws on literature of journalism and its pedagogy, and on communication generally. It also documents a ‘community of practice’ exercise conducted among practitioners as teachers for the subject, developing exercises and models of media work. A preliminary conclusion from that exercise is that it has taken a step towards enhancing skills-based learning for media work.


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Duffield, L. (2011). Media skills for daily life: Designing a journalism programme for graduates of all disciplines. Pacific Journalism Review : Te Koakoa, 17(1), 141-156.