Next edition: Deadline on March 31: PJR: 30 years on – special edition: Will journalism survive?


call-for-papers-46.pngSome of the covers of PJR editions over the past 29 years.

The current ‘Governance, disinformation and training’ edition 29 (1&2) of Pacific Journalism Review was published recently. Here is the Call for Papers for the next edition, marking 30 years of publication since it began at the University of Papua New Guinea in 1994 – ‘PJR: 30 years on – Will journalism survive?

Journal submissions deadline: January 31, 2024

Issue editors: Dr David Robie and Dr Philip Cass

Papers being considered for the 2023 double edition but which missed out have been carried forward for consideration for this issue. The peer review and editing cycle will begin soon.

This edition is linked to the Pacific Media Conference in Fiji on July 4-6 and a celebration of the journal’s longevity is being planned. More details later.

The journal especially seeks papers about innovative journalism education and training publications and programmes, or research articles addressing media, communication and climate crisis or environment related themes – particularly as they relate to the Asia-Pacific region.

Papers can include but are not restricted to:

  • Climate crisis communication, global crisis and the Asia-Pacific
  • Journalism journal or publication innovations
  • Crosscultural Journalism training initiatives
  • Pacific geopolitics challenges and journalism education
  • Documentary and diaspora storytelling
  • AI challenges to journalism truth-telling education
  • Reinventing communication paradigms 
  • Asia Pacific media and publishing history
  • Tensions between media theory and practice
  • The status of journalism in the academy
  • Relations between the media industry and the academy
  • Broadcast media in flux 
  • Media influence and impact 
  • Public relations theory and practice 
  • Social media, digital media and dynamic technologies 
  • Advertising, adaptations and changing perspectives 
  • Communication, education challenges and changes 
  • Disinformation and democracy
  • Language, culture and the dynamics of change 
  • Ethnicity, identity, gender, and the media 
  • Photoessay topics

The above list is a guideline and other related topics will also be considered. The journal also publishes an unthemed section. Other papers related to journalism studies, and journalism education, theory and practice will also be considered by the editors.

Submissions must be uploaded to the OJS open access website for Pacific Journalism Review on the Tuwhera indigenous research portal at Auckland University of Technology:
Refer to the PJR style guide:

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