REVIEW: Climate change, media, culture and the arts

  • Patrick Craddock
Keywords: Climate change, Creative writing, Environment, Environmental journalism


I approached this special edition of Dreadlocks with caution and apprehension. I saw two interpretations for the title: did it mean embracing science with creative political decisions for change, or did it mean using creativity through the arts as a symbol for approaching climate change? There is little hard science in these published papers, although there is a view from Richard Dawkins that makes an iconic appearance in a paper by Briar Wood from London Metropolitan University. This emphasises the Dawkins view that scientists must reach out to ‘…for want of a better word, poets’ and that there is a mismatch between science and the metaphorical language used to describe the real world. Improving communication and understanding is a good point to make, although where does climate science meet the arts?


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