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Call for Papers: The 50th anniversary of personal grievance provisions in Aotearoa New Zealand


The year 2023 will mark a significant milestone, with the 50th anniversary of what have become the personal grievance provisions in Aotearoa New Zealand. This mirrors similar anniversaries in other parts of the world. To mark this, NZJER will have a Special Issue on this topic and invites authors to submit abstracts.

The Issue will cover the changes that have occurred over that time, as well as exploring the current situation. The scope of potential topics is wide. Giving examples can be problematic as they are never an exhaustive list, but some starters could include

·       an HR perspective on how PG rights have impacted on day-today People-and-Employment (HR) practice

·       the changing roles of advocates and unions

·       access to justice and the difficulties/costs of moving beyond mediation as well as the adequacy of remedies

·       the consequences of publicly reporting employment cases and proposed need for name suppression, in a digital age

·       the interface between tikanga and current employment law

Abstracts should be 600 words in length and submitted through the NZJER portal.

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Current Issue

Vol 46 No 2 (2021): New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations - Special Issue - OHS
Published: 2021-12-03

Editors: Joanne Crawford & Chris Peace, Victoria University of Wellington.



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