Re-Tooling School

  • Russell Burt
Keywords: Equity, Citizenship, Learner Agency


How do we ReTool school to make it engaging, empowering and success making for all? At the same time how do we guarantee equity and access so that what our government calls “priority learners”, have the same opportunities for 3rd millennium citizenship as everybody else?


When vast tracts of what is now the Developed World, were opened up by the provision of roads, bridges and railroads, people moved from subsistence and achieved effective citizenship, locally, nationally and globally. The infrastructure that enables access to the new platform for citizenship, the internet, is analogous to the roads, bridges and railroads of yesteryear. The business of retooling requires this infrastructure as a baseline, but real efficacy and agency will only be achieved when environments are enriched by innovation on top of the essential infrastructure.


Retooling School requires a Change Pedagogy Imperative:

When essential aspects of learning are amalgamated and new media are used for the reception and delivery modes, the learner experience is completely different. It is more than possible to develop new learner agency, efficacy and leadership in learning. This journey to genuine citizenship will have three major hallmarks:

  • ubiquity

anywhere, anytime, any pace, any people learning

  • agency

the power to act -informed/empowered/enabled learners

  • connectedness

edgeless education, connected minds


We need to:

Provide the essential infrastructure and enrich the environment for: local, national and international citizenship of all learners.


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