Our student today, your student tomorrow

  • Klaris Philipson Albany Senior Highschool
Keywords: Student experience, Self-directed learning


Changes in compulsory NZC education requirements to be implements from 2020 will see a change in the technological knowledge, experiences and approaches students will have developed and used in their learning throughout their primary and senior school years.

Additionally some schools are using an education models that differ greatly from the more traditional structure and are enabling learners to be more self-directed, autonomous and curious.

What are the impacts on this on teaching practice?  On achievement? On learners?

How could it or should it effect Tertiary education?


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Philipson, K. (2020). Our student today, your student tomorrow. Pacific Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 2(1), 48. https://doi.org/10.24135/pjtel.v2i1.67
SOTEL2020 Symposium