Practicing learner-centred and technology-enabled course (co/re)design

  • Amanda B Lees
Keywords: transdisciplinary collaboration, learning design, student-determined learning


This presentation focuses on sharing a journey of practice using a series of case studies based on my experiences as a lecturer and learner within health-related tertiary education. As someone who would be very hesitant to describe themselves as ‘technical’ I share some of the ways in which curiosity, perseverance and technology-enabled transdisciplinary collaborations have enhanced the learning experiences of my students while providing incremental gains to my own capacity to learn.

Each case study is underpinned by a variety of technologies, pedagogies and philosophies which have provided not only a foundation for course (co/re) design but also associated evaluations.  Demonstrating how innovative developments, triumphs, challenges, student feedback, peer insights and self-reflection have informed iterative cycles of change in my courses, I reflect on the implications for future learning design as continual shifts are made toward student-determined, learner-defined learning. 


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Lees, A. B. (2020). Practicing learner-centred and technology-enabled course (co/re)design. Pacific Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 2(1), 45.
SOTEL2020 Symposium