Mobile Video Production

a BYOD framework toolkit

Keywords: Mobile Video, BYOD, Ecology of Resources, Heutagogy


Smartphone ownership has become ubiquitous (International Telecommunication Union, 2017), but also fragmented by the variety of manufacturers and models available. In particular there are significant differences between the two major smartphone platforms (iOS and Android). This workshop is designed to provide participants with a cross-platform toolkit for implementing BYOD user-generated mobile video content in higher education contexts (Cochrane & Sinfield, 2019). Grounded on the concepts of learner-generated contexts, heutagogy or self-determined learning (Blaschke & Hase, 2019), and authentic learning (Burden & Kearney, 2016), the workshop facilitators will outline a framework for user-generated mobile video production (Sinfield, 2018). The workshop will illustrate the framework by examples of BYOD student projects, and will introduce participants to a hands-on exploration of an ecology of resources for mobile collaborative video production and sharing via digital social media platforms.


Schedule (100 mins)

  • Overview of collaborative mobile video production technologies (10 min)
    • Hardware
    • Student project examples

  • Mobile video activities (20 min)

    • Autumn (Albert Park)
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Time Lapse
  • Sharing and review of participant projects (Upload to YouTube and share) (10 min)
  • Reflections – sharing of project URLs and reflections via Twitter and the #SOTELNZ hashtag (5 min)
  • END



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Author Biography

Thomas Cochrane, CfLAT, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Thomas Cochrane is an Academic Advisor and Senior Lecturer in educational Technology at AUT University's Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT). In 2011 he was awarded as an Ascilite Fellow His research interests include mobile learning, web 2.0, communities of practice, and the scholarship of technology enhanced learning (SOTEL). His PHD thesis was titled: "Mobilizing Learning: Transforming pedagogy with mobile web 2.0". Thomas has managed and implemented over 50 mobile learning projects, with a recent focus upon Android and iOS smartphones and the iPad as catalysts to enable student-generated content and student-generated learning contexts, bridging formal and informal learning environments. Thomas has a peer-reviewed research portfolio spanning 45 journal articles, 29 book chapters, and over 120 conference proceedings (, receiving best paper awards at Ascilite 2009, ALT-C 2011, ALT-C 2012. He has been invited to keynote at several international educational technology conferences including: the 2012 Australian Moodle Moot, the 2012 m-Libraries conference in the UK, the launch of UWS massive iPad project in February 2013, the 2014 IBSA VET Practitioners Conference in Melbourne, and an invited speaker at EdMedia2014 (Tampere, Finland), and an Educator In Residence at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University in September 2015. Thomas was an invited keynote at the University of Western Australia’s Mlearning Summit in September 2015. Thomas was an invited keynote at the University of Western Australia’s Mlearning Summit in September 2016. In 2017 he was a member of the team winning the AUT Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence, Teaching Innovation Award.

Thomas is an AJET Associate Editor, an editorial board member of RLT, BJET, and IJMBL, and the coordinator of the Ascilite Mobile Learning Special Interest Group. He is a regular reviewer for a number of educational technology journals including: AJET, CHB, IJMBL, JCHE, UAIS, and TLT. Thomas is also one of the first SCMALT holders (Senior Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology).

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