Developing online teaching and learning

An ongoing process

Keywords: Online teaching and learning, professional learning, diversity, agency, social learning, creativity, continuity


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As an enthusiastic online teacher for more than two decades, I have learned a great deal over the years. This presentation will highlight a few selected lessons, from early realisations to covid-inspired learning. I will share a little of what I have learned from working with esteemed collaborators, including a glimpse of university students’ online learning experiences, and insights into developing online teaching in higher education through continuing professional learning.

On the basis of research and experience, this presentation will draw parallels between learning online and learning to teach online. Key themes discussed will include diversity, agency, social learning, creativity, and continuity.

Participants will be invited to reflect upon their own experiences and epiphanies as online teachers and learners.


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Author Biography

Diane Forbes, University of Waikato

Dr Dianne Forbes is a digital learning specialist with a background in teacher education and a particular interest in online (blended/hybrid) pedagogies in tertiary education. Her primary research interests are the human, social and relational dimensions of learning through digital technologies, including ethics and professionalism. She studies innovative pedagogies, from low-tech asynchronous forum discussions, to podcasts, video, social media and flipped/blended learning. A consistent focus of her work is the perspectives and experiences of students and teachers as participants in digital learning. In recent years, the impact of the Covid pandemic has informed her research focus, inspiring two key collaborative projects. One is an edited book (Forbes & Walker, 2022), comprised of 16 chapters on global approaches to online teaching development during the pandemic. Crucially, this newly published book will inform post-pandemic continuing professional learning and development. The other collaborative project is SOLE (Student Online Learning Experiences), with a team of colleagues from five universities.

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