Pacific media under siege: A review of the PINA Summit 2018

  • Geraldine Panapasa The University of the South Pacific
  • Shailendra Singh University of the South Pacific
Keywords: citizen journalism, corruption, fake news, internet freedom, gender violence, Pacific Islands, Pacific Islands News Association, PINA, media ethics, media legislation, social media


The rapidly-changing technology and transforming political situation across the Pacific have seen a noticeable shift towards harsher media legislation as governments facing unprecedented scrutiny try to contain the fallout from social media, citizen journalism and fake news. These developments were at the heart of the discussions at the Pacific Islands Media Association’s PINA 2018 Summit in Nuku’alofa, Tonga, in May. The biannual event is the largest gathering of Pacific Islands journalists to contemplate issues of mutual concern, formulate collective responses and chart the way forward. This article reviews this year’s meeting, where discussions centred around the opportunities and challenges of the expanding social media sphere, as well as taking a fresh look at some perennial problems, such as corruption, political pressure and gender violence.


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Author Biography

Geraldine Panapasa, The University of the South Pacific

Teaching Assistant

Journalism Programme

School of Language Arts and Media 


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