No. 4 (2014): Pacific Journalism Monographs No 4: Twentieth anniversary of Pacific Journalism Review: Political journalism in the Asia-Pacific

Conference proceedings edited by David Robie

Conference proceedings of the "Political journalism in the Asia-Pacific" conference marking 20 years of publication of Pacific Journalism Review, Auckland University of Technology, 27-29 November 2014. The conference combined presentations and papers by journalists, media educators, human rights advocates and investigative documentary makers. This includes the full conference paper on post-elections in Fiji following eight years of military backed rule since the 2006 coup that caused controversy with the Fiji Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA). The proceedings includes messages from the Vice-Chancellor and Head of Pacific Advancement, full abstracts and programme. The full peer-reviewed papers will be published in the May and October 2015 editions of PJR.

Published: 2014-12-12