• LINK 2022 Conference Proceedings
    Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022)

    In its 4th edition, LINK 2022 celebrates the relationship between practice-led design research, the Global South, and Indigenous world views, fostering cognitive shifts to address twenty-first-century issues and the creation of inclusive communities that emphasise the interconnectedness (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual) between people and landscapes.

    The LINK 2022 Conference Proceedings shared the experiences of the 14 presenters to stimulate the possibilities of practice-oriented research in Design from a Global South perspective. 

  • LINK 2021 Conference Proceedings
    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021)

    This edition is dedicated to the LINK 2021 Conference Proceedings. It includes all abstracts selected via double-blind peer-review evaluated by the conference 56 chair members from dozens of universities around 16 counties and included 283 authors in total. The purpose of LINK 2021 is to raise awareness about practice-oriented research in Art and Design and to stimulate practitioners and educators to share their approaches, methodologies, practices and ideas. Presenters demonstrate the potential of research when practice is an integrated component of the study and constituted as a form of inquiry, from a range of methodological procedures and frameworks. In its 3rd edition, LINK 2021is an online publication with all manuscripts selected from our reviewers.  We hope you enjoy the reading,

    Marcos Mortensen Steagall
    LINK 2021 Proceedings Editor and Conference General Chair
    Sergio Nesteriuk Gallo
    LINK 2021 Proceedings Editor and Conference General Chair