About the Journal

This collection presents the LINK International Conference in Design, Practice, and Global South Proceedings.

The intensification of globalisation and commodities fostered by markets and technology has led today’s critical theorists to advocate for new kinds of engagement between Art, Design, and the world. Not coincidentally,
the last decades saw significant contributions to Art and Design Research in the Global South and Indigenous contexts, where inquiry is situated within an intelligent and intelligible world of natural systems, replete with relational patterns for being in the world.

LINK Conference focuses on ways of knowing that inform research and methods involving Art and Design Research in the Global South and Indigenous contexts. The conference will challenge emerging themes, new epistemologies, and the multiple relationships between theory and practice (if such a distinction can be made). This recipe has been consolidated as LINK Conference. In its 4th edition, LINK 2022 celebrates the relationship between practice-led Art and Design research, Global South and Indigenous world views, fostering cognitive shifts to address twenty-first-century issues and the creation of inclusive communities that emphasise the interconnectedness (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual) between people and landscapes.