The importance of people and place

Reimagining school curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Emma McFadyen Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Leon Benade Auckland University of Technology
Keywords: place, space, curriculum development, place-based curriculum


This ecofeminist-inspired research study, influenced by an ethic of care, engaged the participants in photo-elicitation and interviews. Ecofeminism originated as a theory and movement related to women and the environment (Estévez-Saá & Lorenzo-Modia, 2018), while an ethic of care stems from relational ethics that assumes human connectedness in context (Clement, 1996; Noddings, 2013). Thematic and visual narrative analysis of collected data supported the establishment of findings. The study aimed to contribute to the idea that a place-based approach can be taken to developing a holistic, meaningful and balanced local curriculum – one that privileges a ‘sense of place’ and the relationship between humans and their environments as co-habitors.


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McFadyen, E., & Benade, L. (2021). The importance of people and place: Reimagining school curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand. Teachers’ Work, 18(1), 12-17.
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