Tomorrow’s School’s Review

  • Leon Benade
  • Nesta Devine
Keywords: Tomorrow's Schools; neoliberalism; education reform


Wide-ranging changes proposed by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce (2018) seek to end the 30-year period known as ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’, or, what we earlier referred to as the ‘Thirty Years War’ (Devine, Stewart & Benade, 2018).Tomorrow’s Schools (New Zealand Taskforce to Review Education Administration, 1988) emerged from the reform period of the mid-1980s, propelling New Zealand to the forefront of neoliberal policy-making. The current taskforce, composed of notable educationists, has endeavoured to arrive at proposals that emphasise educational interests rather than the competitive commercial interests promoted by Treasury in 1988.



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Benade, L., & Devine, N. (2018). Tomorrow’s School’s Review. Teachers’ Work, 15(2), 85-86.