Editorial Team

Eliza Lyon (Student Rep Coordinator, AUTSA) - Managing editor 

Kelsey Cornthwaite – School of Clinical Sciences 

Lesley Ung - School of Art & Design

Natalia Bullon - School of Science

Nathan Fehr – School of Science 

Psalma Angela Zabala - School of Social Sciences and Public Policy

Rumen Rachev – Health Faculty Office

Sachin Arya - School of Communication

Shan Iyer – School of Communication 

Sophie Hayden - School of Hospitality and Tourism

Faculty and expert advisory board  

Donna Coventry - Scholarly Communications Librarian - Open Publishing, AUT Library

Mandie Foster - Department of Nursing, School of Clinical Sciences, AUT

Luqman Hayes - Team Leader, Scholarly Communications, AUT Library

Anaise Irvine - Portfolio Leader, Researcher Development, Graduate Research School, AUT

Dr Rosser Johnson - Head of School, School of Communication, AUT

Professor Keith Tudor - Department of Psychotherapy and Counselling, School of Clinical Sciences, AUT

Te Rōpū Tuwhera: Craig Murdoch, Welby Ings, Shelagh Mooney, Nigel Hunt, Kim Tairi, David Robie, Ngaire Rix