REVIEW: Decimation of a Tongan island by slaver’s trickery

  • Michael Horowitz
Keywords: disease, justice, review, slavery, Peru, Tonga


The Stolen Island: Searching for 'Ata, by Scott Hamilton. Wellington: Bridget Williams Books, 2016. 112pp. ISBN 978-0-947518-11-0.

LOCATED even further south than temperate Noumea, Tonga’s tiny island of ‘Ata might have become the jewel of the kingdom’s burgeoning tourist industry. Imagine a Tongan resort that would not only be mild in winter, but pleasant in summer.


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Author Biography

Michael Horowitz
In 2015, Dr Michael Horowitz resumed as university dean at 'Atenisi Institute in the Kingdom of Tonga. His articles on Pacific history, society, and politics have been published in Journal of Pacific History, Pacific Affairs, and Sites.
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Horowitz, M. (2016). REVIEW: Decimation of a Tongan island by slaver’s trickery. Pacific Journalism Review : Te Koakoa, 22(2), 205-206.