REVIEW: A real inspiration for the next generation of NZ journalists

  • Louise Matthews Auckland University of Technology Auckland
Keywords: investigative journalism, New Zealand, reviews


A Moral Truth: 150 years of Investigative Journalism in New Zealand, edited by James Hollings. Auckland: Massey University Press. 2017. 448 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9941-4158-3

TWO executions 40 years apart; the country’s worst aviation disaster; people wrongly imprisoned; the plight of tenants in slum housing; the pollution of our waterways; health scandals resulting in deaths; corporate scandals, sometimes likewise; and so much more. They are all examples of the investigative journalism to be found in this book, in fact 33 fascinating examples.




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Author Biography

Louise Matthews, Auckland University of Technology Auckland

Journalism Curriculum Leader

School of Communication Studies


Starkman, D. (2014). The watchdog that didn’t bark: The financial crisis and the disappearance of investigative journalism. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Usher, N. (2014). Dean Starkman: The watchdog that didn't bark [Review]. International Journal of Communication, 8(5).
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