REVIEW: Documentary records continuing independence struggle in West Papua

Review of ABC Foreign Correspondent's The War for West Papua

  • Nicole Gooch (61)0410701643
Keywords: civil resistance, independence, Indonesia, investigative journalism, Melanesia, West Papua


The War Next Door, reported by Sally Sara. Foreign Correspondent. Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcast: 12 May 2020. 30 minutes.

‘WE GOT to keep on pushing forward,’ sings the band Sorong Samarai, which means from the tip of West Papua, Sorong, to Samari, the island which lies at the eastern tip of mainland Papua New Guinea, Samarai. ‘One people, one soul, one destiny.’


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Nicole Gooch, (61)0410701643

 Journalist, lecturer, producer and researcher. PhD Candidate. From New Caledonia, based in Sydney.


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