• Special Archive Issue: The Public’s Health, Inequalities and Social Justice [AUT's Public Health Bulletin]

    AUT’s Public Health Bulletin was an online journal of the Department of Public Health at AUT’s School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies. It provided a forum for staff, students and our networks to discuss key topics in public health. It included discussion papers, book reviews, original research, and tools for policy makers, practitioners and researchers.  All contributions were single-blind peer-reviewed.
    This sole issue of the Bulletin is on The Public’s Health: Inequalities & Social Justice. This is a timely and topical issue not only for New Zealand but for many parts of the world. As such there are numerous books, articles, and discussions on social media and TV. Here, public health staff and students living and working within the New Zealand and Asia-Pacific region draw on this theme to share their research with others.