Introduction to the Covid-19 Special Issue

  • Bernard Walker
Keywords: Covid-19, pandemic, employment relations


This is not an ordinary Special Issue; it charts the progression of an ongoing pandemic

A Special Issue of a journal typically provides an overview of the current research and perspectives on a topic.  As a summation of the state of play in a field, it remains valid for a number of months or even years. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, breaks the mould and does not fit that type of Special Issue. As a phenomenon, it is occurring on an enormous scale, it is constantly changing, it is relatively unpredictable and the consequences are likely to persist long-term.

This Special Issue on Covid-19, therefore, takes a different approach. It draws together a series of commentaries written at various points during the progression of a pandemic. Those articles have highlighted important themes as they have emerged, pointing to potential consequences, topics that need to be researched, and matters that should form part of the dialogue regarding the handling of the pandemic and future directions.

How to Cite
Walker, B. (2021). Introduction to the Covid-19 Special Issue. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 45(2), 1-4.