A case for regulated industrial democracy post-Covid-19

  • Annie Newman
  • Irina Freilekhman
Keywords: industrial democracy, Covid-19, pandemic, co-determination, unionism, deregulation, aviation


Covid-19 is reshaping the domestic workforce.  Thousands have lost their jobs throughout this pandemic, and we are seeing a decline in private sector unionism that is unlikely to recover  under the current regulatory settings.  The implications for democracy are considerable.  Using the aviation industry as an example, this article defines industrial democracy, provides an insight into industrial democracy in New Zealand, and argues the case for the regulation of industrial democracy post-Covid-19.

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Newman, A., & Freilekhman, I. (2020). A case for regulated industrial democracy post-Covid-19. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 45(2), 70-76. https://doi.org/10.24135/nzjer.v45i2.29