Realities Research Group: 10 years of studies in art-technology

  • Silvia Laurentiz University of São Paulo
  • Marcos Steagall  (Translator) Auckland University of Technology
Keywords: Art, Technology, Representation, Sign, Digital


The Research Group Realidades - from tangible realities to ontological realities - was created in 2010 and is based at the School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo, accredited by the Institution and CNPq, Brazil. It already has a huge production, from artistic works, texts, interviews, events organization, and other technical productions, which can be found at In its initial research, the Realidades Group investigated how to coherently treat certain terms and categories while maintaining a dialogue between different areas of knowledge, in addition to pointing out counterparts from the breaking of certain conceptual coherences promoted by this dialogue. The object of study of the first projects was precisely to know and expand terms such as simulation, virtuality, hybridization, as well as to propose new devices, interfaces and uses for the technologies. In the current proposal, the group inaugurates new lines of research that will address contemporary phenomena in the field of digital media, critically observing the experience in the intersection between arts, sciences and communications in locative media, audiovisual performances, reality augmented, 360º video and photography, artificial intelligence, three-dimensional modeling, and digital prototyping, among others. It also considers broader issues that arise in this context in relation to the ways of weakening the consensus around the alternatives of representing reality, which happen because of the informational explosion, and the mapping of patterns, in addition to observing political aspects of these discussions. To fulfill these objectives, which significantly expand the initial problems, we redesigned our lines of research in 2020, which are now defined as: 1. Codified Thoughts; 2. Audiovisual Processes; and 3. Poetic-political criticism. The lines of research present specific goals, objectives, and results, which add up without failing to meet the general objectives of the group. It is important to say that the group has a diversified production, but it is evident that the artistic works stand out. In our artworks, the intrinsic relationship between theory and creative practices is essential. We can see the result of these practices and creative processes in the works we carry out and which have already been shown in national and international exhibitions. All information about each one can be found on the group's website. They have started with the Enigmas Series, which was developed between 2012 and 2017.This series has 3 productions and some versions. We also have the series “When the Stars Touch”, with two works, one created in 2019 and the other in 2020. In 2017 we produced the installation Dynamic Crossing, which participated in ISEA 2017 - 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art, in Manizales, Colombia. The group's most recent artwork is "InMemoriam". It is still online and can be accessed on its website.