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General submissions

Manaakitanga = Hospitality – Yeah Nah!
Keri-Anne Wikitera
Values for sale: Hospitality values meet economic rationality
Warren Goodsir
Heroes, villains and hotel development - New Zealand 2005 to 2015
Ann Cameron
Exploring Critical Conceptual Space in Hospitality Higher Education
Kelvin Yihang Zhang
Kia ora and welcome to a hospitality career in Aotearoa New Zealand: Welcome to what?
Shelagh K Mooney
Gender metaphors in visual images of chefs
Beverly Chen, Alison McIntosh, Candice Harris, Warren Goodsir
Sexual harassment and abuse in hospitality: Keeping the victims quiet
Jill M Poulston
The stillborn revolution: women and the hotel workers union, 1960-1995.
David Williamson
Exploring the role of hospitality in New Zealand migrant students’ experiences: Transitioning from international students to New Zealand residents/citizens.
Ashlee Li
The employment of migrant workers in the Auckland hospitality industry
Shelagh K Mooney
Bridging the binaries of difference: Hospitality as care
Brielle Gillovic, Alison McIntosh, Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Simon Darcy
Experiences for senior tourists with physical impairments visiting Bali
Yayu Indrawati, Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Mary FitzPatrick
Gaining and Sustaining ‘Hospitable’ Employment for Disability Youth
Richard Robinson, Colin Clark
Arts-based methods for understanding hospitality among consumers with chronic illnesses
Uditha Ramanayake, Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Mary FitzPatrick, Alison McIntosh
(In)hospitality and Refugee Precarity
Hazel Mary Tucker
Everyday racism encounters of migrant entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry
Azin Haghighi, Paul Lynch
Quality of life and commitment of small and medium entrepreneur in hospitality industry
Yusnita Yusof, Wan Norhayati Mohamed, Nik Hazimah Nik Mat, Hayatul Safrah Salleh, Khatijah Omar
Lifestyle entrepreneurs’ quality of life: what really matters?
Maria Jao Vieira
Why is it critical for hospitality to be studied in an airport setting?
Erwin Losekoot, Anna Addison, Zaina Theresa
Identity, ideology and power relations in the host-guest relationship
Gesthimani Moysidou
“No worries brother”: The blurred boundaries between surfing tour guides and their guests
Nick Towner, Zaina Theresa
Slow hospitality experiences: A case study of family holidays at beach fale in Samoa
Heike Annette Schanzel
Let us manaaki
Piki Diamond

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