Celebrating the muddle: reflections on the experiences from interdisciplinary teaching and learning collaboration

  • Carol Neill Auckland University of Technology http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4308-0736
  • Deborah Corder Auckland University of Technology
  • Keri-Anne Wikitera Auckland University of Technology
  • Stephen Cox Auckland University of Technology


Interdisciplinary, collaborative teaching and learning is recognised as important for twenty-first century tertiary education that seeks to build students’ critical thinking, cultural competence and global understanding. However, the core elements needed for truly successful collaboration are little understood.  This article presents a critical case study of a teaching team’s reflections on experiences in collaborating over two years to deliver a new interdisciplinary undergraduate course focused on culture and society. The findings highlight the importance of building a robust team culture built upon shared leadership, mutual trust and commitment, grounded by strong institutional support, to give any collaboration integrity and sustainability.