LGBTIQA+ Learners in New Zealand Schools

  • Howie Bruce Victoria University of Wellington
  • Jenny M Horsley Victoria University of Wellington
Keywords: LGBTIQA ; inclusion; education


The New Zealand Curriculum (2007) states that all students have the right to learn in an environment that is inclusive and safe. Teachers in New Zealand are responsible for upholding these and many other values, ensuring that each student’s “unique set of experiences, abilities and interests, and differences in how they learn” (Ministry of Education, 2017a, para 2) are accommodated in the classroom. This research overview considers New Zealand articles on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Allied (LGBTIQA+) students. Moreover, it identifies the importance of LGBTIQA+ students receiving the support they need to deter depressive thoughts and bullying. Consideration is given to what schools and teachers could do to develop inclusive classrooms for this group of diverse learners, thus supporting these students to reverse their negative experiences of schooling.



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Bruce, H., & Horsley, J. M. (2018). LGBTIQA+ Learners in New Zealand Schools. Teachers’ Work, 15(2), 94-99.
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