The Data of Nations

  • Peter Cleave


[Video]: The Data of Nations

’This is a long term play. The idea is that in the future there is no human interaction. There is just a machine that knows you and what you’re asking and what you like.’

Marc Lore cited by Dumaine p 191

Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said:

We must ensure that dual role platforms with market power, such as Amazon, do not distort competition.  Data on the activity of third party sellers should not be used to the benefit of Amazon when it acts as a competitor to these sellers. The conditions of competition on the Amazon platform must also be fair.  Its rules should not artificially favour Amazon's own retail offers or advantage the offers of retailers using Amazon's logistics and delivery services. With e-commerce booming, and Amazon being the leading e-commerce platform, a fair and undistorted access to consumers online is important for all sellers.’

Press Release European Commission 10 November 2020


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