Editorial Team

General Editors
Kris Gledhill - Auckland University of Technology

Kasey Nihill - Barrister and Solicitor

Caitlin Anyon-Peters - Barrister and Solicitor


Anna McLean - Barrister and Solicitor

Rebecca D’Silva - Barrister and Solicitor

Thomas Pedlar - Barrister and Solicitor

Maddy Nash - Barrister and Solicitor 

Editors at Large (Māori)
Khylee Quince - Auckland University of Technology
Māmari Stephens - Victoria University of Wellington

Editors at Large (Youth)
Alison Cleland - Auckland University of Technology
Nessa Lynch - Victoria University of Wellington

Editorial Board
Neil Boister University of Waikato
Margaret Briggs University of Otago
Warren Brookbanks Auckland University of Technology
Jeremy Finn University of Canterbury
Colin Gavaghan University of Otago
Brenda Midson University of Waikato
Scott Optican University of Auckland
Wayne Rumbles University of Waikato
Debra Wilson University of Canterbury

Justice Timothy Brewer - High Court
Justice Cameron Mander - High Court
Justice Simon Moore - High Court
Sir Bruce Robertson
HH Judge Stephen O’Driscoll – District Court
Robert Lithgow QC - Barrister
Len Anderson QC – Barrister
Fiona Guy Kidd QC – Barrister
James Rapley QC - Barrister