Quantum Filmmaking

Appraising the 21st Century Modernist Neo-Autonomy of Art

  • Iceberg Fernandez
Keywords: Quantum filmmaking, collage, Neo-autonomy of art, 21st century progressive Modernism, eutopian aesthetics, mobile social media


Throughout art history, the practice of collage has motivated the beginning of progressive Modernism and the decadent Postmodernism, leading to the enunciation of the end of art. Thus, during the course of this paper I will be exposing how the practice of Quantum Filmmaking, or participatory video-collage building upon the contemporary mobile media, may be inspiring the initiation of a new cultural epoch in the 21st century with the innovative avant-garde spirit of progressive Modernism. This paradigm shift entails the beginning of “art for the arts’ sake” or the Neo-autonomy of art from the ideological strings of the market and institutions.

Author Biography

Iceberg Fernandez

Iceberg Fernandez is an artist filmmaker, researcher, and independent curator born in Bilbao (Spain) and based in London. During the last decade, she has been exploring participatory art and the specificity of different media, such as hand-processed 16 mm celluloid, Internet video-conferencing and mobile technologies.  In other words, the two ends of the history of the moving image. Currently, she is undertaking a practice-based PhD at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UK).

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