Art, In Your Pocket: New Currents In Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Rewa Wright
Keywords: augmented reality, embodiment, interactive artworks, mobility, conceptual art, portable media devices


The 21st century presents us with a new paradigm for current art practices.  In the context of a post-gallery milieu, interactive topologies have emerged, deploying Augmented Reality (hereafter, AR) on handheld devices to create site-specific artwork.  My purpose in this paper is to explore key mobile AR Artworks, relating these to site-specific installation in a post-gallery context.  Notions of embodiment, interactivity, and mobility with reference to research in computer science, new media theory, and conceptual art inform this exploration.

Author Biography

Rewa Wright

Rewa Wright is an artist and technologist from New Zealand, fascinated by shifts in dynamic systems and emergent computational assemblages.  She works across the territories of installation, generative art, animation, documentary, and live audio-visual performance and is currently most interested in creating post-gallery situations combining augmented reality with site specific installation.  Rewa has a professional background crossing industrial with experimental indigenous media in broadcast, post-gallery, and live performance situations.  She is currently working toward her PhD in Art, Design & Media at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  Rewa holds a Master of Literature in Art History, and a Master of Arts in Film, Television and Media Studies, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts.

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