• Digitisation and Volume 2 (1)
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2001)

    The first issue of Working Papers in Communication is drawn from a conference hosted by Auckland University of Technology in February 2001.

    The conference, "Digitisation and Knowledge: Perspectives from Aotearoa/New Zealand" was organised by AUT's Centre for New Media Research, the former incarnation of the Centre for Communication Research. Selected papers from that conference are published here as the CCR's inaugural online publication.

  • July-December: Locations and Locutions: Constituting Identity in Language and Place

    The re-launch of the Centre for Communication Research online journal, Working Papers in Communication Research, offers a series of texts that engage with the issues of language, culture and identity.

    Prior to introducing the four texts it may be worth saying something about Working Papers and our aims for its development.

    The online journal aims primarily to offer those engaged in research in the broad arenas of the humanities, art, design and communication studies an opportunity to publish research in process as a means for developing or consolidating that research or for the opportunity for peer comment and discussion.

    All submissions are peer refereed and if accepted will undergo editorial proofing prior to publication. This may be a valuable process for those who want to develop a text for further publication in an international forum. It also offers a publishing location for new researchers who may need mentoring  in writing for journal publication.

    Furthermore it provides an opportunity for experienced researchers, who wish to produce more speculative or open publications than would normally be accepted by their discipline's orthodox press.

    Our aim during 2006 is to place material directly on to the website as it arrives for publication, after due review and editing process, rather than collect articles for an issue.

    Continuous publication responds to the frameworks and possibilities afforded by online formats. Depending on the number of articles that arrive, we will be archiving the material each six months or yearly into specific volumes and/or issues.

    We encourage you to submit material for publication at any time.

    The four texts that constitute this re-launch of Working Papers are engaged in analyses of language, place, television-narrative and computer games.

    While this is a disparate range of issues that somewhat reflects the range of concerns that the CCR itself spans, we may begin to gather these issues and their interrelations around the theme of identity and its constitutions in languages and locations.

  • December 2008: Diversity of Discourse Analysis ISSN 1177-3707
    Vol. 4 (2008)

    In 2007, the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication held the first ever New Zealand Discourse Conference in Auckland attracting a large number of delegates from around New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

    Along with the variety of nationalities represented at the conference were a wide range of topics and disciplines applying different approaches of discourse analysis, including conversation analysis, critical linguistic analysis, critical discourse analysis, discursive psychology and genre analysis.