Guidelines for Contributors

Submitting to Hospitality Insights

Writing for a practitioner audience is different to writing for an academic audience. Your research must be sound and robust; however, our audience will not wish to read a great deal of technical jargon or methodological detail. Within your executive summary of the research, readers will want to know briefly how the research was carried out, its context and credibility* and why it is relevant to the hospitality industry.

Author guidelines

  • Please give a general introduction to the topic and its importance and relevance to the industry in the first paragraph without referencing. You can identify main points of benefit or interest.
  • In the second paragraph you can give the research context where you can use academic references. At the editorial office we will convert references to a numbered format to aid visual readability.
  • The main thrust of the article will explain how the research can usefully be applied in a hospitality context.
  • Articles should be 500–700 words in length (including references).
  • The article should be based on original completed research studies relevant to the hospitality industry and presented as an executive-style summary of key points that have particular interest for industry.
  • The article should have a practitioner focus – i.e. what is the ‘take away’ information the reader gains from the article that may improve their operation/practice?
  • The article is to be written in clear English, using non-technical terms, explaining the originality and value of the research.
  • Topical and critical perspectives are welcome, as are post-graduate research submissions.
  • In text references and reference list to be APA 6th style (we will convert this to a numbered reference style on acceptance).
  • Images must be high resolution.
  • Please provide your full contact details which will be published alongside the article to facilitate communication with practitioners.
  • If possible, please provide a link to the original research publication on which article is based (e.g. Research Repository). If a link is not available, please indicate whether or not you are happy for readers to contact you directly for further information.
  • Opinion pieces are also welcome; contact the Journal Editors for more information.

Submitting format

  • Article or opinion piece
    • Please submit your contribution as one main anonymised document in Word with all author identifying details removed.
    • Title page and biographical outline
    • Please also submit a separate title page to include a short author bio of approximately 50–80 words with a current photograph, which will be published with the article if accepted. Include your institutional affiliations and hospitality industry/research interests. If possible, provide a link to the published research on this page, or your contact details for further information.
  • Images 

Remember to submit (high resolution) images if you wish them to accompany your article.

*If you wish to justify the quality of your research, you may wish to add a separate note explaining further detail to the editors about methodology, for example.