POTS and PANdemic: Chef wellbeing amidst COVID-19


As most developed nations emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic period, amid exceptionally high hospitality labour shortages, it is timely and important to understand the state of chefs and cooks’ mental health and wellbeing (MH&W) and individual and organisational outcomes of the pandemic. A survey (pending publication) by this article’s authors, of Australasian chefs in Australia and New Zealand during late-2021, aimed to give insights into these two interlinked factors.


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Robinson, R. N., Mooney, S. K., Brenner, M. L., & Doan, T. (2022). POTS and PANdemic: Chef wellbeing amidst COVID-19. Hospitality Insights, 6(1), 3-5. https://doi.org/10.24135/hi.v6i1.127