Critical Hospitality Symposium, Critical Hospitality Symposium II: Hospitality IS Society

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Let us manaaki
Piki Diamond

Last modified: 2018-07-02


She stands tall at Rongo's threshold

The kuia calls and silence falls

"Haere mai haere mai haere mai"

Manuhiri stand at Tū's threshold

Women step first upon his earth

The call is answered"Karanga mai, karanga mai karanga mai"

Ka-ranga, activating the

Weaving of time and spaces

Of known and foreign faces

This is the dignity of

mana wāhine


Tāngata whenua dictate tikanga

in this space

Before stepping over Rongo’s threshold

Breath must be shared

Manuhiri still to prove

Their case

On Tu's open land

If they come as friend or foe

He hoa? he hoariri ranei?


Either way we are hoa

So let's deal with our grievances

At this threshold of time

Rectifying where tikanga was displaced

Where manaaki did not take place

Instead our home, our land

Invaded that saw her value

In property.

Her worth measured by the £

Disregarding her heart

Her true value asour Māmā


Whenua providing

For us to

Reciprocate her unconditional love

Her Aroha. Aro-hā

paying attention to her breath

To take care of her

To manaaki Papatūānuku

To mana-aki Papa-tū-ā-nuku

To encourage integrity

So that we-she can live with dignity

This is her and our

Mana motuhake


Dear conscience of the Crown.

You wanted to dictate tikanga here

With your man-made law

Vulnerable to corruption

But now our mother is dying and with that

the people die too

and guess what?

So do you.

So before our demise is upon us all.

Titiro, whakarongo

Let's kōrero.

Kōrero mai, kōrero atu

Pātai mai, pātai atu


No longer shall we go head-to-head

Taking this time for hearts to be heard instead

It's time to action mana-ā-kī,

so that we can stand as onewith dignity

where our words and actions are joined with integrity.

Let the hearts, ngā manawa take their rightful place

tuakana and vanguard of our grace,

Carving a pathway for its teina,

te hinengaro to unveil diverse truths

of tāngata mauri.

So stand, e tū i te mana o te wa,

in this time of integrity

Let us take our place as people of the land

To host you, to welcome you

Into our world

With tikanga derived from te ao māori

Let us manaaki

Let us mana-aki

Let us


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