Author Guidelines


Please submit by email to Dr Alan Cocker of Auckland University of Technology (

Each submission must include the following:

- Article title

- Author's name

- Author's postal and email address (for correspondence purposes only)

- Author's bibliography of 50-100 words

- Abstract of 100-200 words

- Keywords (six to eight, listed one per line)


Not more than 5,000 words, fewer if accompanied by images.

We welcome images illustrating the article. All images need a resolution of at least 300 dpi and should be supplied independently, not embedded in the text. The image files should be clearly labelled with an indication of where they should be located in the text. Each image should have a suitable caption, preceded by “Figure 1” (etc). Copyright clearance should be indicated by the author, and is always their responsibility.

Articles should be written using Microsoft Word, 12 point Calibri, with single spacing.

Back Story will be using the Chicago (NB) system of referencing,16th edition. Please employ endnotes for citations as well as other complementary material or commentary. The list of sources referred to in the article should be entitled ‘References’. The following examples illustrate the style required:

(Books and academic articles, newspaper and magazine sources)

R (References): Phillips, Jock, and Terry Hearn. Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2008. 

  N (Notes/Endnotes): Jock Phillips and Terry Hearn, Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945 (Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press, 2008), p.41

R: Porter, Bernard. “Further Thoughts on Imperial Absent-Mindedness.” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 36, no. 1 (2008): 101-17.

  N: Bernard Porter, “Further Thoughts on Imperial Absent-Mindedness,” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 36, no. 1 (2008): 102.

New Zealand Farmer Stock and Station Journal (Auckland), “Speed Mania,” November 1903, Home and Household Supplement: iv.

Observer (Auckland), “Advertisements,” December 27, 1902: 22.

[n.b. This newspaper referencing format has been adapted from Chicago to suit ‘Papers Past’ references.]

(normally only cited in endnotes).

John Key, interview by author, Wellington, April 1, 2015.

Andrew Little, e-mail message to the author, April 1, 2015.

Statistics New Zealand. “Digital Yearbook Collection.” (1893-2010). [accessed January 30, 2015].

(normally only used in captions)

Burton Brothers, North Shore, Auckland, 1870s, Museum of New Zealand.


Copyright clearance should always be indicated, and is always the responsibility of the author. The author retains copyright of the article itself, while allowing Back Story the right to publish and republish the paper, for instance, electronically. The authors retain the right to republish their papers elsewhere, provided that they acknowledge original publication in Back Story.

Final formatting will be done by the editorial team, which reserves the right to adjust author formatting.

After consideration by the editorial team, the article will be blindreviewed by two referees. If minor or major changes are recommended, it will be returned to the author to make those amendments. If the two referees are in significant disagreement, the editorial team will make the final decision.