Pluralism in Psychotherapy: Critical Reflections from a Post-Regulation Landscape


Keith Tudor (ed)


The revised and extended edition of The Turning Tide (2011) e-book edition.

  • Chronicles the history of the moves towards the statutory regulation of psychotherapy and the state registration of psychotherapists in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Includes a critique from indigenous practitioners of such moves.
  • Provides a detailed critique of the legislative framework for such regulation and registration.
  • Elucidates the arguments against and for such regulation and registration.
  • Clarifies the distinction between the registration of title and the broader regulation of the profession and practice of psychotherapy and related activities such as supervision and education and training.
  • Is a thoroughly revised and extended edition of the original book, The Turning Tide, including a new introduction and five new chapters.
  • Offers a critical reflection from a post-regulation landscape aimed at informing local and overseas colleagues about the implications and impact of state registration and statutory regulation.
  • Promotes a pluralistic perspective on the practice of psychotherapy.
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August 6, 2020


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