Is There a Need for the Re(dis)covery of Teaching?

  • Gert Biesta Brunel University London
Keywords: teaching, teachers, teaching matters


Earlier this year I published a book with the title The Rediscovery of Teaching (Biesta 2017). In the book I make the case that teaching matters. But unlike a significant part of contemporary discourse, I argue against the idea that the reason why teaching matters is that it has the capacity for driving test scores in the narrow set of curricular subjects that the Global Education Measurement Industry is keen to measure, not just to identify ‘quality,’ but also to ‘name and shame’ countries that are apparently not performing ‘well’ – a naming and shaming where, unfortunately, teachers often find themselves at the receiving end.

Author Biography

Gert Biesta, Brunel University London

Gert Biesta is Professor of Education in the Department of Education of Brunel University London, Visiting Professor at NLA University College, Bergen, Norway and Professor for Education at the University for Humanistic Studies, the Netherlands. An associate member of the Education Council of the Netherlands, his work focuses on the theory and philosophy of education, educational, and social research, with a particular interest in policy and questions concerning democracy and democratisation.


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Biesta, G. (2017). Is There a Need for the Re(dis)covery of Teaching?. Teachers’ Work, 14(2), 73-79.
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