‘Teachers’ work in the pandemic age’


Towards the end of the 20th century and in the early 2000s, the 21st century has been seen and was often proclaimed as an age of change, of renewal. Notions like ‘21st century teaching and learning’, ‘21st century classrooms’, and ‘21stcentury education’ were used widely in the public and academic domain. While these notions encapsulated an optimistic educational transformation, catering for technology-oriented, globally-aware students, it appears now, however, that this optimism has turned to crisis. The COVID pandemic has shown clearly the flipside of globalisation and revealed crises in societies generally and education specifically. Notably, social inequalities and the failings of education systems to adequately support marginalised groups and already disadvantaged students. Unfortunately, COVID seems likely not to be the last pandemic either, as globalisation and environmental crises continue to increase the likelihood for new diseases to occur in the future. Nonetheless, in these times of crisis, teachers have found new ways to re-engage with students and to deal with disruptions during these nearly two years of the ongoing pandemic.

We, the editors, are calling for contributions that capture some of this changed reality of teachers’ work. What have we learned in relation to pedagogy, technology, 21st century classrooms, online learning, student engagement, support of disadvantaged students, and other relevant aspects for centres, schools and education that can inform teachers’ work during, after, and before the next pandemic or other crisis?

NZJTW is inviting contributions to a special topic in the form of

  • Articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Research overviews of ongoing projects
  • Teacher reflections, and
  • Book reviews

Submission deadline for the special topic is 30 September 2021.

NZJTW is also inviting contributions on any other topics that may be of interest to teachers across the education sector from early childhood to tertiary education.

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