COVID-19, political communication, and public health

A Transactional Analysis perspective

  • Marco Mazzetti
Keywords: COVID‐19, philosophical assumptions, political communication, power, public health, transactional analysis


The article discusses aspects of political communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, analysing it from the point of view of Transactional Analysis, and in particular, in the light of the so-called transactional analysis philosophical assumptions, transactional analysis proper and Claude Steiner's reflections on power. Using examples and an analysis of the literature, the article aims to show how sometimes political communication seems to be guided by hidden motivations that serve the purposes of power of some political representatives rather than the common good. In these cases, it denies the philosophical assumptions and determines negative effects on the health of citizens. Loyal Adult–Adult communication appears to be the most promising both to promote the Transactional Analysis philosophical assumptions and to address the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic on population health.


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