Maintaining Group Analytic Training during the Financial Crisis in Greece

  • Spyridon Loutsos
Keywords: group analysis, training, large group, financial crisis, Greece


This article describes the application of group analytic methods and principles to a training institution for group analysis, the Hellenic Organization for Psychotherapy and Education in Group Analysis (HOPE in GA), in Athens, Greece, when suffering from a decline in student numbers. By creating an on-going large group named “The Training Community” its members were able to deal effectively with the difficult financial and social situation. Speaking out through dialogue, frank communication, and working with the group dynamics and group processes in the organization gave members hope. They managed not only to survive but much more: HOPE in GA was able to become creative and to flourish despite the destructive forces in the wider social context both inside and outside the country. Group analysis creates political thought and can influence societies in a more humanitarian direction.


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